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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
The Runespear Weapon Shaman833
Woecleaver Weapon Warrior833
Rhok'delar Weapon Hunter742
Aluneth Weapon Mage603
Val'anyr Weapon Paladin642
Skull of the Man'ari Weapon Warlock503
Twig of the World Tree Weapon Druid415
Dragon Soul Weapon Priest303
Unidentified Maul Weapon Paladin322
Bladed Gauntlet Weapon Warrior202
Candleshot Weapon Hunter113
Kingsbane Weapon Rogue113
Crushing Walls Ability Hunter700
Lesser Diamond Spellstone Ability Priest700
Lesser Mithril Spellstone Ability Warrior700
Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Ability Shaman700
Psychic Scream Ability Priest700
Gather Your Party Ability Warrior600
Lesser Emerald Spellstone Ability Hunter600
Level Up! Ability Paladin600
To My Side! Ability Hunter600
Unidentified Shield Ability Warrior600
Call to Arms Ability Paladin500
Deck of Wonders Ability Mage500
Dragon's Fury Ability Mage500
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Ability Rogue500
Branching Paths Ability Druid400
Cataclysm Ability Warlock400
Flanking Strike Ability Hunter400
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Ability Warlock400
Oaken Summons Ability Druid400
Explosive Runes Ability Mage300
Healing Rain Ability Shaman300
Primal Talismans Ability Shaman300
Reckless Flurry Ability Warrior300
Twilight's Call Ability Priest300
Unidentified Elixir Ability Priest300
Cheat Death Ability Rogue200
Crushing Hand Ability Shaman200
Evasion Ability Rogue200
Lesser Pearl Spellstone Ability Paladin200
Lesser Ruby Spellstone Ability Mage200
Potion of Heroism Ability Paladin200
Sudden Betrayal Ability Rogue200
Wandering Monster Ability Hunter200
Barkskin Ability Druid100
Dark Pact Ability Warlock100
Lesser Jasper Spellstone Ability Druid100
Psionic Probe Ability Priest100
Unstable Evolution Ability Shaman100
Shifting Scroll Ability Mage000
Dragoncaller Alanna Minion Mage933
Dragonhatcher Minion924
Master Oakheart Minion955
Sleepy Dragon Minion9412
Voidlord Minion Warlock939
Geosculptor Yip Minion Warrior848
Grand Archivist Minion847
Grizzled Guardian Minion Druid835
Kathrena Winterwisp Minion Hunter866
King Togwaggle Minion855
Marin the Fox Minion866
Violet Wurm Minion877
Corridor Creeper Minion725
Lynessa Sunsorrow Minion Paladin711
Silver Vanguard Minion733
Spiteful Summoner Minion744
Temporus Minion Priest766
Crystal Lion Minion Paladin655
Gemstudded Golem Minion Warrior659
Grumble, Worldshaker Minion Shaman677
Hungry Ettin Minion6410
Possessed Lackey Minion Warlock622
Rin, the First Disciple Minion Warlock636
Seeping Oozeling Minion Hunter654
Arcane Tyrant Minion544
Carnivorous Cube Minion546
Corrosive Sludge Minion555
Fungalmancer Minion522
Furbolg Mossbinder Minion511
Green Jelly Minion533
Guild Recruiter Minion524
Ixlid, Fungal Lord Minion Druid524
Trogg Gloomeater Minion515
Windshear Stormcaller Minion Shaman555
Astral Tiger Minion Druid435
Cursed Disciple Minion451
Duskbreaker Minion Priest433
Ebon Dragonsmith Minion434
Elven Minstrel Minion Rogue432
Fal'dorei Strider Minion Rogue444
Hoarding Dragon Minion456
Hooked Reaver Minion Warlock444
Ironwood Golem Minion Druid436
Kobold Illusionist Minion Rogue433
Kobold Monk Minion436
Leyline Manipulator Minion Mage445
Shimmering Courser Minion433
Shroom Brewer Minion444
Sneaky Devil Minion422