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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Tyrantus Minion Druid101212
Giant Anaconda Minion Druid753
Living Mana Ability Druid500
Verdant Longneck Minion Druid554
Evolving Spores Ability Druid400
Shellshifter Minion Druid433
Elder Longneck Minion Druid351
Tortollan Forager Minion Druid222
Earthen Scales Ability Druid100
Jungle Giants Ability Druid100
Swamp King Dred Minion Hunter799
Tol'vir Warden Minion Hunter535
Terrorscale Stalker Minion Hunter333
Dinomancy Ability Hunter200
Grievous Bite Ability Hunter200
Crackling Razormaw Minion Hunter232
Stampede Ability Hunter100
The Marsh Queen Ability Hunter100
Jeweled Macaw Minion Hunter111
Raptor Hatchling Minion Hunter121
Meteor Ability Mage600
Molten Reflection Ability Mage400
Steam Surger Minion Mage454
Mana Bind Ability Mage300
Flame Geyser Ability Mage200
Primordial Glyph Ability Mage200
Arcanologist Minion Mage223
Pyros Minion Mage222
Shimmering Tempest Minion Mage221
Open the Waygate Ability Mage100
Dinosize Ability Paladin800
Vinecleaver Weapon Paladin743
Spikeridged Steed Ability Paladin600
Sunkeeper Tarim Minion Paladin637
Lightfused Stegodon Minion Paladin434
Hydrologist Minion Paladin222
Primalfin Champion Minion Paladin212
Adaptation Ability Paladin100
Lost in the Jungle Ability Paladin100
The Last Kaleidosaur Ability Paladin100
Free From Amber Ability Priest800
Lyra the Sunshard Minion Priest535
Tortollan Shellraiser Minion Priest426
Curious Glimmerroot Minion Priest333
Mirage Caller Minion Priest323
Shadow Visions Ability Priest200
Radiant Elemental Minion Priest223
Awaken the Makers Ability Priest100
Binding Heal Ability Priest100
Crystalline Oracle Minion Priest111
Vilespine Slayer Minion Rogue534
Obsidian Shard Weapon Rogue433
Sherazin, Corpse Flower Minion Rogue453
Envenom Weapon Ability Rogue300
Mimic Pod Ability Rogue300
Razorpetal Volley Ability Rogue200
Biteweed Minion Rogue211
Razorpetal Lasher Minion Rogue222
Hallucination Ability Rogue100
The Caverns Below Ability Rogue100
Kalimos, Primal Lord Minion Shaman877
Stone Sentinel Minion Shaman744
Volcano Ability Shaman500
Tidal Surge Ability Shaman400
Spirit Echo Ability Shaman300
Hot Spring Guardian Minion Shaman324
Fire Plume Harbinger Minion Shaman211
Primalfin Totem Minion Shaman203
Unite the Murlocs Ability Shaman100
Air Elemental Minion Shaman121
Cruel Dinomancer Minion Warlock655
Feeding Time Ability Warlock500
Tar Lurker Minion Warlock517
Lakkari Felhound Minion Warlock438
Ravenous Pterrordax Minion Warlock444
Chittering Tunneler Minion Warlock333
Bloodbloom Ability Warlock200
Corrupting Mist Ability Warlock200
Clutchmother Zavas Minion Warlock222
Lakkari Sacrifice Ability Warlock100
King Mosh Minion Warrior997
Tar Lord Minion Warrior7111
Ornery Direhorn Minion Warrior655
Sudden Genesis Ability Warrior500
Direhorn Hatchling Minion Warrior536
Explore Un'Goro Ability Warrior200
Cornered Sentry Minion Warrior226
Molten Blade Weapon Warrior111
Fire Plume's Heart Ability Warrior100
Iron Hide Ability Warrior100
Ultrasaur Minion10714
Giant Mastodon Minion9610
Ozruk Minion955
Charged Devilsaur Minion877
Primordial Drake Minion848
Tortollan Primalist Minion854
Blazecaller Minion766
Sated Threshadon Minion757
Stormwatcher Minion748
Volcanosaur Minion756