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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Auctionmaster Beardo Minion334
Aya Blackpaw Minion Druid, Rogue, Shaman653
Don Han'Cho Minion Hunter, Paladin, Warrior756
Finja, the Flying Star Minion524
Genzo, the Shark Minion454
Hobart Grapplehammer Minion Warrior222
Inkmaster Solia Minion Mage755
Kazakus Minion Mage, Priest, Warlock433
Knuckles Minion Hunter537
Krul the Unshackled Minion Warlock979
Kun the Forgotten King Minion Druid1077
Madam Goya Minion643
Mayor Noggenfogger Minion954
Patches the Pirate Minion111
Raza the Chained Minion Priest555
Sergeant Sally Minion311
Shaku, the Collector Minion Rogue323
White Eyes Minion Shaman555
Wickerflame Burnbristle Minion Paladin322
Wrathion Minion645
Blubber Baron Minion311
Brass Knuckles Weapon Warrior423
Burgly Bully Minion546
Defias Cleaner Minion657
Dirty Rat Minion226
Dragonfire Potion Ability Priest600
Fel Orc Soulfiend Minion337
Fight Promoter Minion644
Finders Keepers Ability Shaman100
Greater Arcane Missiles Ability Mage700
Kabal Trafficker Minion Warlock666
Leatherclad Hogleader Minion666
Lotus Assassin Minion Rogue555
Lotus Illusionist Minion Shaman435
Luckydo Buccaneer Minion Rogue655
Lunar Visions Ability Druid500
Mana Geode Minion Priest223
Manic Soulcaster Minion Mage334
Meanstreet Marshal Minion Paladin112
Pilfered Power Ability Druid300
Piranha Launcher Weapon Hunter524
Rat Pack Minion Hunter322
Sleep with the Fishes Ability Warrior200
Small-Time Recruits Ability Paladin300
Unlicensed Apothecary Minion Warlock355
Weasel Tunneler Minion111
Wind-up Burglebot Minion655
Alley Armorsmith Minion Warrior527
Backroom Bouncer Minion444
Bloodfury Potion Ability Warlock300
Bomb Squad Minion522
Celestial Dreamer Minion Druid333
Counterfeit Coin Ability Rogue000
Devolve Ability Shaman200
Dispatch Kodo Minion Hunter424
Doppelgangster Minion522
Drakonid Operative Minion Priest556
Felfire Potion Ability Warlock600
Gadgetzan Ferryman Minion Rogue223
Getaway Kodo Ability Paladin100
Greater Healing Potion Ability Priest400
Grimestreet Enforcer Minion Paladin544
Grimestreet Informant Minion Hunter, Paladin, Warrior211
Grimestreet Pawnbroker Minion Warrior333
Grimestreet Protector Minion Paladin766
Hidden Cache Ability Hunter200
Jade Claws Weapon Shaman222
Jade Idol Ability Druid100
Jinyu Waterspeaker Minion Shaman436
Kabal Courier Minion Mage, Priest, Warlock322
Kabal Crystal Runner Minion Mage655
Lotus Agents Minion Druid, Rogue, Shaman553
Pint-Size Potion Ability Priest100
Potion of Polymorph Ability Mage300
Seadevil Stinger Minion Warlock442
Second-Rate Bruiser Minion545
Shadow Sensei Minion Rogue444
Small-Time Buccaneer Minion111
Spiked Hogrider Minion555
Stolen Goods Ability Warrior200
Trogg Beastrager Minion Hunter232
Virmen Sensei Minion Druid545
Volcanic Potion Ability Mage300
Abyssal Enforcer Minion Warlock766
Alleycat Minion Hunter111
Ancient of Blossoms Minion638
Backstreet Leper Minion331
Big-Time Racketeer Minion611
Blastcrystal Potion Ability Warlock400
Blowgill Sniper Minion221
Call in the Finishers Ability Shaman400
Cryomancer Minion Mage555
Crystalweaver Minion Warlock454
Daring Reporter Minion433
Freezing Potion Ability Mage000
Friendly Bartender Minion223
Gadgetzan Socialite Minion222
Grimestreet Outfitter Minion Paladin211
Grimestreet Smuggler Minion Hunter, Paladin, Warrior324
Grimscale Chum Minion Paladin121