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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Moonglade Portal Ability Druid600
Menagerie Warden Minion Druid655
Enchanted Raven Minion Druid122
Cloaked Huntress Minion Hunter334
Cat Trick Ability Hunter200
Kindly Grandmother Minion Hunter211
Firelands Portal Ability Mage700
Medivh's Valet Minion Mage223
Babbling Book Minion Mage111
Ivory Knight Minion Paladin644
Silvermoon Portal Ability Paladin400
Nightbane Templar Minion Paladin323
Onyx Bishop Minion Priest534
Priest of the Feast Minion Priest436
Purify Ability Priest200
Ethereal Peddler Minion Rogue556
Deadly Fork Minion Rogue332
Swashburglar Minion Rogue111
Wicked Witchdoctor Minion Shaman434
Spirit Claws Weapon Shaman213
Maelstrom Portal Ability Shaman200
Kara Kazham! Ability Warlock500
Silverware Golem Minion Warlock333
Malchezaar's Imp Minion Warlock113
Fool's Bane Weapon Warrior534
Ironforge Portal Ability Warrior500
Protect the King! Ability Warrior300
Arcane Giant Minion1288
Medivh, the Guardian Minion877
The Curator Minion746
Book Wyrm Minion636
Moat Lurker Minion633
Avian Watcher Minion536
Barnes Minion534
Menagerie Magician Minion544
Prince Malchezaar Minion556
Arcanosmith Minion432
Moroes Minion311
Pantry Spider Minion313
Violet Illusionist Minion343
Zoobot Minion333
Netherspite Historian Minion213
Pompous Thespian Minion232
Arcane Anomaly Minion121
Runic Egg Minion102