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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Reinforce Hero Power Paladin200
Reinforce Hero Power Paladin200
The Silver Hand Hero Power Paladin200
The Silver Hand Hero Power Paladin200
The Silver Hand Hero Power Paladin200
The Tidal Hand Hero Power Paladin200
Argent Lance Weapon Paladin222
Mysterious Blade Weapon Paladin222
A Light in the Darkness Ability Paladin200
Dark Conviction Ability Paladin200
Desperate Stand Ability Paladin200
Flash of Light Ability Paladin200
Greater Pearl Spellstone Ability Paladin200
Holy Light Ability Paladin200
Lesser Pearl Spellstone Ability Paladin200
Lightforged Blessing Ability Paladin200
Pearl Spellstone Ability Paladin200
Potion of Heroism Ability Paladin200
Rebuke Ability Paladin200
Seal of Light Ability Paladin200
Sound the Bells! Ability Paladin200
Argent Protector Minion Paladin222
Cathedral Gargoyle Minion Paladin222
Crystalsmith Kangor Minion Paladin212
Darion Mograine Minion Paladin222
Deathlord Nazgrim Minion Paladin222
Drygulch Jailor Minion Paladin211
Grimestreet Informant Minion Hunter, Paladin, Warrior211
Grimestreet Outfitter Minion Paladin211
Guardian Spirit Minion Paladin222
Hydrologist Minion Paladin222
Immortal Prelate Minion Paladin213
Inquisitor Whitemane Minion Paladin222
Primalfin Champion Minion Paladin212
Shielded Minibot Minion Paladin222
Thoras Trollbane Minion Paladin222
Bloodclaw Weapon Paladin122
Light's Justice Weapon Paladin114
Adaptation Ability Paladin100
Autodefense Matrix Ability Paladin100
Avenge Ability Paladin100
Blessing of Might Ability Paladin100
Blessing of Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Competitive Spirit Ability Paladin100
Crystology Ability Paladin100
Desperate Measures Ability Paladin100
Divine Strength Ability Paladin100
Eye for an Eye Ability Paladin100
Getaway Kodo Ability Paladin100
Hand of Protection Ability Paladin100
Hand of Salvation Ability Paladin100
Hidden Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Humility Ability Paladin100
Lost in the Jungle Ability Paladin100
Never Surrender! Ability Paladin100
Noble Sacrifice Ability Paladin100
Redemption Ability Paladin100
Repentance Ability Paladin100
Sacred Trial Ability Paladin100
Smuggler's Run Ability Paladin100
The Last Kaleidosaur Ability Paladin100
Defender Minion Paladin121
Glow-Tron Minion Paladin113
Grimscale Chum Minion Paladin121
Meanstreet Marshal Minion Paladin112
Righteous Protector Minion Paladin111
Selfless Hero Minion Paladin121
Silver Hand Murloc Minion Paladin111
Silver Hand Recruit Minion Paladin111
Vilefin Inquisitor Minion Paladin113
Whelp Minion Paladin111
Val'anyr Reequip Effect Dummy Weapon Paladin000
Dark Light Ability Paladin000
Divine Shield Ability Paladin000
Dragonmaster Ability Paladin000
Follow MY Rules! Ability Paladin000
Forbidden Healing Ability Paladin000
Healing Ability Paladin000
Helping Hand Ability Paladin000
Justice Ability Paladin000
Legendary Ability Paladin000
Many Blessings Ability Paladin000
Murlocs Ability Paladin000
Paladin Ability Paladin000
Sacred Arms Ability Paladin000
Second Class: Paladin Ability Paladin000
Secrets Ability Paladin000
Silver Hand Ability Paladin000
Tag Team Ability Paladin0015
Taunt Ability Paladin000
A. F. Kay Hero Paladin0040
George and Karl Hero Paladin0030
Han'Cho Hero Paladin0030
Karl and George Hero Paladin0030
Lady Liadrin Hero Paladin0030
Prince Arthas Hero Paladin0030
Sir Annoy-O Hero Paladin0030
The Mothergloop Hero Paladin0050
Tirion Fordring Hero Paladin0030
Uther Lightbringer Hero Paladin0030