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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Molten Blade Weapon Warrior111
Serrated Tooth Weapon Rogue113
Spirit Claws Weapon Shaman113
Trueaim Crescent Weapon Hunter114
Tuskpiercer Weapon Demon Hunter112
Whetstone Hatchet Weapon Warrior114
Aluneth Weapon Mage603
Skull of the Man'ari Weapon Warlock503
Runed Mithril Rod Weapon Warlock402
Dragon Soul Weapon Priest303
Lion's Frenzy Weapon Demon Hunter302
Bladed Gauntlet Weapon Warrior202
Celestial Ink Set Weapon Mage202
Shadowcloth Needle Weapon Priest203
Leatherworking Kit Weapon Hunter103
Prismatic Jewel Kit Weapon Paladin103
Sphere of Sapience Weapon104
Spiked Wheel Weapon Warrior102