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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Grave Vengeance Weapon Paladin853
Silver Sword Weapon Paladin834
Libram of Judgment Weapon Paladin753
Libram of Judgment Weapon Paladin753
The Immovable Object Weapon Paladin725
Vinecleaver Weapon Paladin743
Great Royal Sword Weapon Paladin634
Hammer of the Naaru Weapon Paladin633
Royal Greatsword Weapon Paladin653
Val'anyr Weapon Paladin642
Ashbringer Weapon Paladin553
Cavalry Horn Weapon Paladin532
Farraki Battleaxe Weapon Paladin533
Hammer of the Lightbringer Weapon Paladin434
Light's Sorrow Weapon Paladin414
Truesilver Champion Weapon Paladin442
Truesilver Champion Weapon Paladin442
Truesilver Champion Weapon Paladin442
Blessed Maul Weapon Paladin322
Ceremonial Maul Weapon Paladin322
Champion's Maul Weapon Paladin322
Coghammer Weapon Paladin323
Lightbringer's Hammer Weapon Paladin332
Purifier's Maul Weapon Paladin322
Rallying Blade Weapon Paladin332
Sacred Maul Weapon Paladin322
Seedcloud Buckler Weapon Paladin323
Sword of Justice Weapon Paladin315
Underlight Angling Rod Weapon Paladin332
Unidentified Maul Weapon Paladin322
Argent Lance Weapon Paladin222
Hammer Weapon Paladin232
Mysterious Blade Weapon Paladin222
Sword of the Fallen Weapon Paladin212
Bloodclaw Weapon Paladin122
Light's Justice Weapon Paladin114
Overdue Justice Weapon Paladin114
Prismatic Jewel Kit Weapon Paladin103
Val'anyr Reequip Effect Dummy Weapon Paladin000