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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Anyfin Can Happen Ability Paladin1000
DOOM! Ability Warlock1000
Mind Control Ability Priest1000
Pyroblast Ability Mage1000
Ultimate Infestation Ability Druid1000
Call of the Wild Ability Hunter900
Tree of Life Ability Druid900
Dinosize Ability Paladin800
Free From Amber Ability Priest800
Glacial Mysteries Ability Mage800
Lay on Hands Ability Paladin800
Twisting Nether Ability Warlock800
Crush Ability Warrior700
Crushing Walls Ability Hunter700
Everyfin is Awesome Ability Shaman700
Firelands Portal Ability Mage700
Flamestrike Ability Mage700
Greater Arcane Missiles Ability Mage700
Lesser Diamond Spellstone Ability Priest700
Lesser Mithril Spellstone Ability Warrior700
Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Ability Shaman700
Psychic Scream Ability Priest700
Sprint Ability Rogue700
Wisps of the Old Gods Ability Druid700
Avenging Wrath Ability Paladin600
Ball of Spiders Ability Hunter600
Blizzard Ability Mage600
Dark Bargain Ability Warlock600
Dark Wispers Ability Druid600
Dragonfire Potion Ability Priest600
Embrace Darkness Ability Priest600
Enter the Coliseum Ability Paladin600
Entomb Ability Priest600
Felfire Potion Ability Warlock600
Gather Your Party Ability Warrior600
Holy Fire Ability Priest600
Lightbomb Ability Priest600
Meteor Ability Mage600
Moonglade Portal Ability Druid600
Recycle Ability Druid600
Shadow Essence Ability Priest600
Siphon Soul Ability Warlock600
Spikeridged Steed Ability Paladin600
Spreading Plague Ability Druid600
Starfire Ability Druid600
Thistle Tea Ability Rogue600
To My Side! Ability Hunter600
Unidentified Shield Ability Warrior600
Vanish Ability Rogue600
Assassinate Ability Rogue500
Bane of Doom Ability Warlock500
Blessed Champion Ability Paladin500
Bloodlust Ability Shaman500
Brawl Ability Warrior500
Cabalist's Tome Ability Mage500
Cobra Shot Ability Hunter500
Deck of Wonders Ability Mage500
Demonheart Ability Warlock500
Devour Mind Ability Priest500
Dragon's Breath Ability Mage500
Dragon's Fury Ability Mage500
Excavated Evil Ability Priest500
Explosive Shot Ability Hunter500
Feeding Time Ability Warlock500
Flame Lance Ability Mage500
Force of Nature Ability Druid500
Holy Nova Ability Priest500
Holy Wrath Ability Paladin500
Ironforge Portal Ability Warrior500
Kara Kazham! Ability Warlock500
Lesser Emerald Spellstone Ability Hunter500
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Ability Rogue500
Level Up! Ability Paladin500
Living Mana Ability Druid500
Lunar Visions Ability Druid500
Nourish Ability Druid500
Power Word: Tentacles Ability Priest500
Solemn Vigil Ability Paladin500
Stand Against Darkness Ability Paladin500
Starfall Ability Druid500
Sudden Genesis Ability Warrior500
Volcano Ability Shaman500
Webweave Ability Druid500
Ancestor's Call Ability Shaman400
Astral Communion Ability Druid400
Avalanche Ability Shaman400
Bite Ability Druid400
Blade Flurry Ability Rogue400
Blastcrystal Potion Ability Warlock400
Blessing of Kings Ability Paladin400
Branching Paths Ability Druid400
Call in the Finishers Ability Shaman400
Call to Arms Ability Paladin400
Cataclysm Ability Warlock400
Cone of Cold Ability Mage400
Consecration Ability Paladin400
Echo of Medivh Ability Mage400
Eternal Servitude Ability Priest400
Evolving Spores Ability Druid400
Fireball Ability Mage400