HearthPwn's Card Design Competition

The HearthPwn Card Design Competition

Greetings! Welcome to the Hearthpwn Card Design Competition page, where we collect and remember all the previous winners and entries to our Weekly Card Design Competition; our larger Class, Adventure and Expansion competitions; and our occasional one-off competitions celebrating events or other such things.

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What is the Card Design Competition?

The Weekly Card Design Competition was started all the way back in early 2015 by former mod BerserkMidget08. Since that first introductory season, we’ve streamlined the process and brought on new people over the years to help moderate competitions.

Each week, a theme is selected by one of the previous winners of the competition. This theme can be anything: Create a card that transforms; Create a new keyword and some example cards that use it; Create a card that replaces your hero.

As the name implies, these competitions run on a weekly basis, so every week you can check back for the newest theme. Each season has 20 competitions in it, after which we take a couple weeks off to tighten things up before we launch right back in.

How Can I Compete?

Each week the newest theme will be revealed in the Discussion Topic – this is where you can show your ideas off and discuss them with other people to help refine them. This is also where you can ask specific questions about the theme, as sometimes the theme can have nuances to it that might not have been covered by the rules.

24 hours after the Discussion Topic opens, the Submission Topic opens – this topic is where you post your submission. You can only post one submission, and any non-submission posting here will net you a warning. We want to keep things as clean as possible so we can run the competition easier.

If your submission receives enough upvotes, it will be in the final poll. The Final Poll topic opens 4 days after the Submission Topic opens and the best entries each week are voted on until a winner is crowned after 24 hours are up.


The winner of the WCDC each week is given the opportunity to select the theme for the competition two after their own – that is, the winner of Week 6 would have a week to come up with a theme for Week 8. They’ll discuss the theme with the mods to try and come up with something that hasn’t been done before, and is also an interesting challenge.

You’ll also receive a fancy border for your avatar like the one below. You may have already seen users with it around the forums – we’ve had a lot of winners over the years!

Winners Gallery

Each season of our card design competition has a gallery dedicated to the winners. You can view them by clicking on any of the banners below.