Ranks reset, ELO/MMR stays the same - is this working?

  • First of all, this is not a rage thread about my opponents being too hard, or that they got an unfair advantage. But I feel like ranking isn't working right now. Maybe I am just missing the point, so I am interested in your opinion.

    As far as I know (and looking at the people I play against) the ELO (or MMR) stays the same in each season. In test season 1 I managed to climb up to rank 12 with a nice warrior deck; for a short period, i managed to get as high as rank 9, but at the end of the season I held rank 12. I didn't have very strong cards, but the synergies of my deck were great and it performed very well.

    Now I am in season 2 and can't beat rank 18. I am not a bad player (really: this is not a rage thread, and I know the mechanics behind this game), but i cannot shake the feeling my foes were around rank 10-14 before the new season, too. My friends weren't that high in season 1, and their opponents are now a LOT weaker than mine on the same ranks.

    I get it that it seems fairer that way; someone who is better gets better opponents. But I don't think this system is working very well. If someone did not climb the ladder in the last season(s), they get weaker opponents, and it is easier for them to climb to the higher ranks, while someone who got to the higher ranks won't get that far in the next season. The problem I see here is that it is an uphill battle back to the higher ranks from now on. If you win a lot, i guess that your ELO/MMR is getting higher, too, making it even more difficult to progress.

    Even if your ELO doesn't get higher until you get to your old rank again, your ladder rank is not an adequate display of your strength, because someone who did not play will get to a higher rank much easier than you (at least in the actual season; he/she will have the same problem in the next one).

    That means the best way to play ranked matches is: Play a season the best you can, screw the next one and try to lose as much as possible to get your ELO/MMR back down to a low level, so you can climb the ladder better in the next season.

    Do I miss something here?
  • Just to answer some of the questions in the original post, a player's MMR does currently reset for Ranked Play with each Season reset. However, a player's MMR for Casual Play currently does not reset.

    Also, before a player hits Legend rank, matchmaking actually uses the amount of stars that a player has to determine opponents. Only players in Legend rank are matched using MMR.