Antialiasing Trouble (ATI Radeon HD7850)

  • As the new patch came, I can't find a proper setup on my antialiasing to read card text properly.

    On "Supersampling" mode, the text is fine, but all the screen turns cloudy, while on "Multisampling" it's smooth but the text isn't properly readable. I've tried every combination from 2x to 24xEQ, overriding the application, enhancing it or letting it control.

    I run Windows 8.1 with the lastest driver for my Ati Radeon HD7850.

    If anyone got a solution, I'd be glad to hear.
  • Destinyless,

    AA is affected by the in-game graphics setting you select too. Have you tried setting it to the High setting and then letting your card use the application's settings? I'd just leave the card using ATI's default settings actually and not mess with any of them. If you do want to adjust them, do one at a time so you can get it back where it was easier.

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