Emote spam?

  • I haven't read/heard about this anywhere yet, but I was wondering if there have been steps taken to keep THAT kind of player (you know the one) from spamming emotes during your turn or when s/he's losing, or what have you.

    As cool as the emotes are, I'd rather not hear them over and over while I'm trying to take my turn because some dingbat is feeling impatient and/or wants to grief me.

    I also wouldn't want to be forced to turn the emotes (or all the audio entirely) off completely just to avoid a problem like this.

    Again, not sure if this has been mentioned before. If it has been discussed already, feel free to delete the thread.

    Can't wait for the game. I'm super excited!
  • While there are integrated ways that prevent emote spamming, you also have the option of squelching your opponent if you do not care to view or hear opposing emotes at all.