Theorycrafting: Beta confirmed

  • To not be Friday
  • So as to clarify as Twitter only allows 140 characters or less.

    There is a lot of work being done behind scenes. We're all marching forward but want to ensure the best experience possible when it comes to closed beta and launch. Now I never said how far away the announcement of beta would be, nor did I infer it is either near nor "not even close".

    Zeriyah just posted an awesome blog about crafting, this is what I was talking about. See how it's not Friday? I know you're all very anxious, as are we, and I know all of our communication will be dissected. But, nothing good will come of theory crafting. ;)
  • So now we have a thread titled Beta Confirmed with a blue tag on it.

    Shutdown inc!

    imao... ;)),

    Fixed! ;P
  • phenteo likes to set you up just to
    knock-a knock-a knock-a you down.