Infinate combo fix suggestion

  • I'm pretty sure you've all heard of the infinate dmg combo from shamans with 2 mana spring totems a knife juggler and 2 youthful brewmasters. I think no matter what I think about it it will be somehow removed from play. If thats the case then I wanted to give few suggestions on how to do so. The problem is I think the mana spring totem needs a buff because it has 1 health for 4 cost making it a very expensive card to play. Even if you had taunt minions there are plenty of cheap spells and minion skills that deal 1 dmg to the enemy in the form of aoe or otherwise. So it either needs a cost reduce or health and/or effect increase. But unfurtunately the combo is a 100% victory and buffing the totem will only support the combo making it possile to it earlier or more efficiently. So we need a way to nerf the combo without nerfing indivudual cards. My suggestions are:

    If blizzard wants to nerf the combo but buff the totems:
    1. totem costs less but does not stack with itself.
    2. totem has more health but effect is not active the turn it's played.
    3. totems have greater effect but like summoning portal can't reduce below 1 cost
    4. all 1,2 and 3 or some of each.
    5. knife juggler doesn't trigger on the same minion more then 3(or some other number) times on the same turn, while the totem is buffed in costi effect and/or health.
    6. general rule for not being able to play the same minion more than 3 times per turn while also buffing the totem.
    7. number 6 for just bremasters instead of all minions.
    8. if knife juggler deals 6 dmg to the enemy hero without the playing hero using mana he stops triggering his effect that turn.

    If blizzard want to keep the combo but not buff it while buffing totems:
    9. when youthfulbrewmasters are bounced on each other more than 3 times they automaticly continue to shuffle while the totems cost 3 but cost 4 (not effected by totem already in place) if there is already 1 in play.
    10. same as 9 instead of brewmasters; when knife juggler triggers 6 times without the playing hero using mana he continues to automaticly dmg all enemy until they all die.

    If blizzard wants to buff the combo and the totems:
    11. 9 and 10 mechanics still in place but as an extra bonus the totems are now cheaper, have a greater effect and/or more health added to them.

    I'm assuming the totems will be buffed but if not then the suggestions can still happen without the totem parts.

    The combo for those who don't know:

    play mana spring totem (4) - reduces cost on all cards by 1
    play second mana spring totem (3) - now all costs are reduced by 2
    play knife juggler (0) - whenever a minion is summoned deal 1 dmg to a random enemy
    play youthful brewmaster (0) - return a friendly minion to your hand (use on some other minion) => triggers knife juggler
    play second youthful brewmaster (0) - use on other brewmaster while triggering knife juggler for itself.
    play the first brewmaster again on the second brewmaster while triggering knife juggler
    repeat last two steps for infinite knife juggler procs.
  • Thank you for your feedback everyone! We appreciate you all taking the time to point this rather lethal combo out to us. We want to make sure games of Hearthstone are fun and engaging for all. Since we're even still pre-beta, we're always making changes to make sure everything feels just right.

    We've removed Mana Spring Totem. Don't worry, Shamans; the spirits tell me there are good things to come.