iOS game crash when starting match

  • Long one, did some troubleshooting with twitter CS before posting here.

    Tried to challenge my wife, iOS 12.1.3 on both devices, both are iPhone XS Max 512 GB.

    Her screen loads to the Mulligan phase, my device crashes right after the load bars, right before the board and my cards would come up.
    I force quit, still crashes at same spot on reconnecting.
    I uninstall, reboot phone, reinstall. Crashes at the same spot on reconnecting.
    I try on PC. Works fine, game reconnects.
    Try on phone. Still crashes at same spot.
    Log back in on PC, concede match.
    Log on to phone, I get back to main menu. Tried to challenge innkeeper. Crashes after load bars, right before I'd see the board and the cards.
    Log in on PC, concede to Innkeeper
    Have wife log in on my phone, she gets in, can play games just fine.
    I log back in on my phone, challenge innkeeper. Crash at the same spot.

    What can I do? I play phone-to-phone with my wife every night :(
  • 02/06/2019 07:13 AMPosted by Argnoth
    I figured it out! It was related to my card back. I was using "Good Cheer" and as soon as I changed back to Classic, it works on mobile. The card backs from preorders, twitch rewards, and Heroic Dungeons can't be loaded on my mobile.

    Thanks for the update Argnoth! We're glad to hear you were able to identify and resolve the cause of the problem. It seems a few others have run into this and your digging has helped us identify a bug.

    I'd like to ask, for anyone experiencing this issue, please let us know the specific card back you're using and the device type/platform you are playing on. Thanks!