• Game stuck reconnecting on mobile can’t get by have tried reloading everything. Been a month upset cause I’ve spent a decent amount on the game
  • Hey, BenC! It's a known issue this can occur. There are a few steps that can help with the reconnecting issue. This may be a bit of work to get this resolved for mobile, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team if it continues as we may need access the account on our end to fix the issue.
      1. Log out of the Hearthstone account.
      2. Reset the Password for the account.
      3. Login and wait 4-5 minutes, if it at any point says "Could not reconnect" skip step 4 and 5.
      4. Close the app again.
      5. Login again and wait until it sends you back to the screen with "Could not reconnect."
      6. Go to Solo Adventures and run a Normal Practice match and concede. If this doesn't work, a different solo adventure should also resolve the issue.

    Once done, reload the game and it should work normally. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.
  • Hey BenC,

    You can create a ticket for this issue by going here.