Can't remember email, but have account name.

  • Can't remember email or password, but I have my account name.
    I've been wanting to get back into Overwatch and Hearthstone, but I can't remember the email to my blizzard account (this is another one I own without it), if I were to even be given the email I could recover it, as I could just log back in to the email and reset my password from there, but I can't currently. Is there anything I can do or is it a lost cause for my account? Name: [Removed by Moderator]
    Thanks to anyone who read this, and I hope there is a way to get my account back :)
  • Hey, William!

    We've removed the BattleTag from the thread as it is a bit of personal information. Our Customer Support team can assist further with locating the account especially with the BattleTag provided! Please reach out to us here.

    For privacy and security concerns, account and billing issues are not handled through the forums. If there are any account or billing concerns in the future, please reach out to our Customer Support team!

    Locking this thread.