Hunter nerfs make no sense

  • Spellstone: with DK Rexxar, Zuljin, flanking strike, to my side, Secrets, Putricide, and more, there could be a viable tier 1 even hunter around the corner.

    DK Rexxar: let's compare this card to hagatha, an 8 cost hero in shaman.
    Battlecries: R deals 2 damage to all ENEMIES, while H deals 3 damage to ANY minion, i'd say R is better.
    Hero Power: H gives you random shaman spells only after you play a minion- rendering most spells useless, while R creates infinite minions and depends on NOTHING, meaning it probably has the best hero power in the history of HS.
    Conclusion: Rexxar is light years ahead, and costs 6 mana, should be nerfed 8-9 mana (and would still see play in 90% of hunter decks)

    That being said the nerfs made to Hunter makes no sense at all, it slightly slows down spell hunter, but creates a new, faster and even more aggressive even hunter.
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    Thank you.