Hearthstone won't execute from B.NET Desktop App

  • Hi,

    All other blizzard games start, but hearthstone throws an error, telling me it created a folder with info and to share with a developer. I've restarted and cleared the program data. Nothing different. Any solutions other than uninstalling and reinstalling?
  • Would you happen to have Citrix on the computer, WalterODim? If so, does Hearthstone work when it's uninstalled?

    There are currently issues with Citrix and Unity compatibility for the latest versions. Some have worked around the issue by installing an older version of Citrix, if it's required for work or school.

    If citrix isn't on the system, can DxDiag files be provided?
      1. Press Windows Key + R, type in DxDiag and press Enter.
      2. In the window, click Save All Information.
      3. Name the file and click Save.
      4. Please copy and paste the DxDiag information in-between the code blocks (</> button).
      It should look like this.