Hearthstone doesn't load after starting the game

  • Hi,
    recently I have changed the name of the folder I keep my games in, which is about only change that I think may have somehow caused this problem, but I find it unlikely.
    The problem: After I start the game (via Battle.net launcher), i get loading screen (the one with closed doors and HEARTHSTONE sign in the middle) and that's where it ends. Loading screen simply does not dissapear, game seems like it can not finish loading. It does not seem to be frozen, as sign in the upper part of doors is still flashing.

    As I was saying, I changed name of one of the folders in directory path to the game, but after I started battle net it correctly prompted me to locate the game and so I did.
    Game was working flawlessly before. Now I can not play.

    Also, Battle.net launcher is no longer using its icon, but rather default windows application one. I find this a very minor nuisance, I am just mentioning it because it is probably related to my issue.
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