Slow and laggy including fix

  • For the last couple of weeks / months I ran into the same issue as mentioned in a couple of other threads, that Hearthstone is slow and laggy. I am running it on Mac (2017 iMac), but read the same issues for Windows PCs.

    The issues are:
    - very slow menus and cycling through the collection
    - animation lag when playing cards

    What I noticed is, that after a couple of games the issues seem to fewer or gone which indicated to me that it is not related to connection or background software, but more to an internal caching problem.

    I tried reinstalling Agent as well as Hearthstone. Even tried it on a fresh installation.

    What finally worked for me was the following: after restart of the system I need to do a "scan and repair" of Hearthstone. Even tough it says that no issues can be found, if I start the game now, it's fast and lag free. Until the next restart of the system.

    Please Blizzard, look into this. It has to be a caching problem. Manual deletion of the caches did notfix the issue for me, only "scan and repair".
  • The recent reports of the slow performance issues have been linked with security applications. Does it help to temporarily disable or uninstall the security application on the system? We have seen some reports of adding exceptions for the location here has helped a few:

    If this helps, what security application is currently on the system?