Game Crash

  • Hearthstone crashing. When I click the "play" button from blizzard client, I get an error saying "The game crashed"
  • Hey, Jaime! I wasn't able to find any crash reports on our end. Would you be able to include the game crash logs and dxdiag file?
      1. Press Windows Key + R, type in DxDiag and press Enter.
      2. In the window, click Save All Information.
      3. Name the file and click Save.
      4. Please copy and paste the DxDiag information in-between the code blocks (</> button).
      It should look like this.
  • Apologies for the delay, Jaime! It's been busier than usual this time of year. Thank you for the requested information! I hope you've been able to resolve the issue or reached out to us via opening a case with Technical Support.

    I just wanted to follow up if this may help you or others. Citrix has been causing some issues with Hearthstone crashing. Uninstalling this completely should fix the Hearthstone Crashes.