Anti malware service issue with HS client.

  • I was playing hearthstone fine on monday.. today I logged in and basically every time I use hearthstone my anti malware from windows 10 goes crazy (which causes the client to be unplayable honestly) ONLY on hearthstone.. if I open wow or diablo is fine.

    I already disabled the schedule scan from task schedule but it does every time I open it. I don't use deck trackers or innkeeper at all.

  • Howdy Lastlaugh,

    Lets try uninstalling the Anti Malware program and see how that causes Hearthstone to react. If things work fine then try reinstalling the program, sometimes it just needs a fresh install. If the issue continues you will want to contact the maker of the program so they can look into why it's effecting Hearthstone.
  • Hey Lastlaugh,

    Is it windows defender? Sometimes it has issues with game and that can be disabled

    A scan repair might fix things if it's the Hearthstone files, there is no harm giving it a try before disabling anything!
  • An update or something else could have caused a trigger for Hearthstone in particular, this or the security program may be tracking the packets being sent and received with Hearthstone only.

    There have been situations of this in the past. Currently, we are not aware of any flagging or issues on Hearthstone side, but we'll continue to investigate as it seems this is the common cause of the performance issues in-game.

    Aside from uninstalling or disabling, does adding an exception/exclusion for the security application with Hearthstone help at all? On how to add exceptions or exclusions for the security application, please check with the security application's support page for the troubleshooting steps.