Noob starting at level 25 rank?????

  • So I decided to start playing hearthstone and in ranked mode I started at 25, while my friend started at level 55?

    I constantly get matchmaked with people who have all legendaries and godly cards while my deck doesn't come close to being as good as my opponents.

    My friend made the climb to level 25 finally and during the climb he was able to get all of these decks and chests to help boost his character.

    When he hit level 25 he got 10 decks??? While I started at 25 and got nothing?

    I don't understand what happened, I don't want to buy cards but jeez why do I start off at level 25 and he started at level 55, then get all of these great cards while making his way down the ladder?
  • Hey Baronlol,

    Was this from a brand new account? Have you played on other regions from that account?