Game not starting after prep. Patch for Rastakhan

  • Well after I downloaded the last update, my game crashes I don't even get to see the Entrance feels like I'm banned. #FeelsBadMan
    Could use an explanation or description how I get it back to start correctly again.

    There are 2 txt files I could send.
  • Hello SnoopyLP!

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing a crash on launch... the files you mentioned, are these system reports?

    Obtaining System Files

    If you've generated a DXDIAG, you can include that in a reply to the forum post (highlight the text and click </> in the editor bar for formatting). If you have an MSinfo, that is too large for the forum, but can be submitted through a support site ticket (choose one of the channels along the bottom).

    Hearthstone > Crashes
  • Hey SnoopyLP,

    Please do post those txt files. They could help. Also, please do post the DxDiag too. The instruction on how to get the DxDiag are found here.
  • These steps can help with posting the files without cluttering the thread, please post the DxDiag file by copy and pasting the DxDiag information in-between the code blocks (</> button).
    It should look like this.
  • Howdy SnoopyLP,

    Looking over the file you posted I found that the Intel drivers are out of date, lets get those updated and see if that helps.

    Driver Update