Turn Time at Fireside Gatherings

  • I think it would fit the general idea of a Fireside Gatherings that there would be no limited turn time. I remember way back there would actually be no turn time in friendly duels. For some reason (probably those damn tournaments) it was changed.

    I say this because I enjoyed to play this game with my mother, but she is not so invested into the game and doesn't know everything so well. The last time we played it was terrible, because I really would've given her more time, but there was nothing I could do. At least I thought so back then, since now I know there is a workaround. If one player exists it pauses the game and when the player returns it also resets the turn time.

    But this probably would be extremely annoying (I didn't try it yet) and most importantly, coming back to Fireside Gatherings, when I tried out a Fireside Gathering I realized that not only is there a turn timer (since I thought in such a setting it would make sense you can either disable it or it is disabled by default) but also that the most amazing feature, the Fireside Brawl, doesn't even allow for the workaround with pausing the game!

    The Deck Assembly Brawl is my most favorite and I was so happy to see I could potentially play it anytime again. But then I tested it and unfortunately for some reason I disconnected constantly (probably old laptop). This would've been not a problem if it would then automatically pause the game until you're reconnected, but that didn't work in Fireside Brawls. I couldn't really enjoy the Brawls that way.

    It probably has all to do with those damn tournaments. Of course if people really enjoy it there should be the option to set a turn time. And I also wouldn't mind making that the default option, but I did not see any way to disable or at least increase the turn time.

    I don't know if someone relevant will read this, but I would really like the option to turn of or at the very least increase the turn timer. I can't say my mother will play more and so much more that she would also spend (more) money on the game, but maybe someone else would. Not everyone plays this game competitively. (And with all the other bad stuff I wish no one would. Sometimes people take things just way too seriously. But I guess this is getting off topic now...)
  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Will get it passed on for you :)