Can't challenge friend

  • I can't challenge friend because it says I'm offline, but we're both online (not busy), it says on my screen that my friend is online, but he can't see me online. Both on same servers, both on same patch. tried re-adding him but same problem. Through the battle net client we can chat but not in the game. Any help/suggestions please

    edit: we're both on windows 10 laptops aswell
  • Hi there TheBishop,

    In this case, I would ask you both log out of the app. Once out of the app, look at the login screen. Make sure you both have the same region selected for the login. If you both have the same one picked, please get back to me here if there is still an issue. :)

  • Hey there TheBishop,

    Thanks for getting back to us here. I know this problem is no fun, you just want to be able to challenge your buddy. As you have went through the region check and you are not offline in the app, would you be willing to let us log in to your account and check it out?

    We do not need any of your account information, just your permission. I want to help out here and am sorry it is slow going.