Game too big for window

  • I'm playing on PC, and it doesn't seem to matter what ratio or window option I try, the game graphics fall off the edge of the screen. This means I can't see the bottom of my cards.

    Would love some advice on how to fix this.
  • Hello Magenpie!

    Have you tried resetting your in-game options yet? It may need to recalibrate resolution sizes.

    Resetting In-Game Options

    It'll redetect values on the next launch.

    Additionally, you can try hitting the ALT-ENTER shortcut to toggle fullscreen-windowed display, which should lock the game to the edges of your Windows desktop size.

    If issues persist, we'll want to see a DXDIAG to check your system-wide graphics settings.

    Obtaining System Files

    You can include the DXDIAG in a reply to the forum post. Highlight the text and click </> in the editor bar for formatting.