Fireside Gatherings Update - December 13, 18

  • Innkeepers, now you have even more options to spice up your Fireside Gatherings! It was already possible to experience Fireside Brawls. Now, get ready for a whole menu of Brawls to choose from for your attendees, all through the Fireside Special feature!

    With the Fireside Special, Innkeepers will be able to select one additional Fireside Brawl from a curated library, in addition to the rotating monthly Fireside Brawl that their patrons will already have access to during their Fireside Gathering.

    The Fireside Special feature is now available via the website. Here’s how things work!

    Setting up your Fireside Special

  • Create your event and head over to the event detail page once it’s completed.
  • If there are Fireside Special brawls available for the date of your event, the default ones will show up on your event detail page, and you’ll see a “Change Brawl” option.
  • You can usually only select brawls 30-60 days ahead of time. If you don’t see any brawls available, it might mean your event is too far in the future, so check back closer to its start date for options to manage your brawls.
  • Click the “Change Brawl” option to review available brawls (based on your event date) and select the one that you’d like to have available at your upcoming Fireside Gathering.
  • You’re done! Enjoy the brawls at your Fireside Gathering!There are a few things to keep in mind when you make use of the Fireside Special.
  • Any Fireside Gathering—unlisted or public—can add a Fireside Special. You also do not need to have established a Tavern to be able to choose your Fireside Special brawl.
  • Fireside Brawls cannot be changed on the fly once the event has started.
  • The catalogue of brawls available to Innkeepers via the Fireside Special depends on the start date that the innkeeper selects for their event. Tips on using the Fireside Special

    If you’ve been wondering how best to make use of this exciting new feature, we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

  • Setup an unlisted Fireside Gathering and pick your Fireside Special brawl! Then gather some friends from round the neighborhood and pull up a chair by your own hearth. Hearthstone is home… literally!
  • Give the Fireside Special a go at your regular Fireside Gathering—ask your friendly innkeeper, or set a Fireside Gathering up yourself! Make sure to set up your Fireside Gathering in a public location so people can attend.
  • Thinking of something fun to do at work on Friday evening’s social hour? Set up an unlisted Fireside Gathering, pick your Fireside Special brawl, and get in there!