how to hide golden cards?

  • Hi!

    Since I am a bit handicapped with my eyesight the golden card animations are really stressful to me and also the cleaner design of the non golden cards for me is way easier to grasp.

    Now I do not want any dust for it - I just want to get rid of all the golden cards. Or hide them in the interface. As I can only get rid of some of them, I am looking for a way to switch these visuals and animations off.

    I am not afraid to edit some configuration files - please tell me where to hide them permanently.

    Thx in advance,
  • Kulman,

    It's just a core feature of the game as it is now to display them as it does I'm afraid.

    You can submit a feature request / suggestion over in the Community Discussion forum ( where the game's developers will be more likely to see it. That doesn't mean it's going to happen but that's where you'd need to start.