Blue Screen when clicking to buy packs on PC

  • On Windows 7 PC, In Game client, whenever I click to buy packs not with gold a window pops up that is only blue in game with nothing else. So I am unable to buy any packs because instead of an authorization screen all I get is a window in game that is completely blue and nothing else. Is there fix for this?
  • What is the error that you're seeing in the Blue Screen? Are you by chance using Malwarebytes Premium? If so, try disabling the Web Protection.
  • Hey all,

    There are several things that could be cause the check out screen to be a blank blue screen. we recommend trying the basic and advanced steps here as the can help get this fixed.
  • Damador Those steps except step 5 are for Hearthstone too.

    Thank you all for the reports. Currently we are not seeing any overarching issue that would be causing the in-game shop to be blank. We have seen this in the past normally the basic and advanced steps here will fix this. I do have some additional steps to try that can help out.

    • Please power cycle the network equipment and flush the DNS.

    • Make sure the Firewall in the computer and router is set up correctly.

    If this does continue, please submit a support ticket with the requested system files to help us find what out what is causing this.