Crash on startup

  • Hello everyone, today my Hearthstone just don't start because keep crashing before loading the homescreen, and I don't know how to resolve. Yesterday I could play normally.

    Here is my last crash log, I'm on PC.

    Sorry for my english, is not my first languange.
  • Hello Feriand!

    Sorry to hear you're getting crashes with Hearthstone. Recently, I've seen issues arising from certain background applications (such as video capture tools, overlays, or remote desktop apps) interfering with video processes.

    First, let's ensure that your video drivers and OS are up-to-date:

    Updating Your Drivers and Operating System

    Then let's check those background programs. The following steps will reboot into a 'light' mode where only the bare essential programs are running:

    Closing Background Applications

    After rebooting into this mode, please retry running the app and playing as you normally would.

    Then if the game works correctly, you can refer back to the article for advanced steps on figuring out which program is interfering.
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    The game is running issue is generally due to some compatibility issues. The following steps can help address them.