Installation problems

  • I have recently installed an SSd in my pc, but i want to keep that exclusively for windows etc, i have installed HS on a second drive but now it wont run. i have looked through the forums for an answer but i havent seen any. just to be clear, windows is on my C: drive, HS is installed on my D: drive. splash screen appears but then it doesnt do anything.

    Any help would be appreciated
    thanks in advance
  • Howdy!

    We recommend to install the Blizzard app to your OS drive as this program installs, updates and repairs our products. This helps avoid permission issues.

    You can have Hearthstone on another internal drive, I would recommend to check the following steps to see if we can resolve the problem!

    Step 1) Make sure Secondary Logon is set to automatic following the steps Here.
    Step 2) If this is a fresh install of Windows double check your Display drivers are fully upto date. This includes Intel drivers.
    Step 3) Make sure any personal firewall software on the system is setup to fully exclude the Blizzard app and Hearthstone from all scans.

    If the issue continues collect your Dxdiag and paste the contents back here in your reply. Make sure to highligh the Dxdiag contents and select the code block icon </> for easier viewing.

    Thank you!