Android app not working

  • So I uninstalled and reinstalled hearthstone on my Android because I was running out of space and I heard that a reinstall could help.

    After renistalling I went to play and when I clicked on play the screen paused for a moment and then just kinda froze.

    I restarted the app and tried to do a brawl. I got in but when I did all my cards, my hero's power, and my opponent where blank and white for this picture. The texted was still there but the pictures were all just white screens.
  • Hi there Shadow,

    On this case, we have seen this a few times. We have found that if you go to collection and wait for game to load images, it should work fine again.

    Please let us know if this helps or not.

  • Hey guys! Thanks for your reports so far. If we can try testing for those on Android are experiencing issues after trying to clear the cache and data then restarting the Hearthstone Application. This will re-download the art assets.
      1. Go to Settings -> Apps
      2. Tap on Hearthstone
      3. Tap on Storage
      4. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache
      5. Start the Hearthstone app again and it should start downloading.
  • The previous post is as much as we have at the moment to try and work around the issue for some. If there may be any new information that comes up, I'll try and update a bit further.

    @MrE, more than likely the google account had created a new Blizzard account, rather than logging into your normal Blizzard account. It should not cause your collection to disappear or ask to re-do the tutorial.

    The only time it does is when a new account was created or the wrong account was logged into, or due to regional issues. Please contact customer support if any assistance with this is needed.