Why people want permanent squelch. (Important Research)

  • Right now there is hot debate going on about auto-squelch. Obviously, blizzard isn't responding well to it because they think that "fun" interaction is part of the game. Let me explain to you why emotes are really an abomination for the average John or Jane:

    This game has gone off the clown rails to full blast RNG and broken 1 turn plays. Lets take the new darling deck that is Hadronox Druid. There is no genius set up to this deck. Anyone can run this deck. All you need to do is play taunt after taunt and then pull out Hardonox. I've gotten a "SPECTACULAR" or "THAT IS WILD" in almost every game where they spawn multiple of these beasts, as if they did something "WILD" or "SPECTACULAR". Does it trigger me? Mildly. What triggers me more is when you squelch someone and you can still see the golden aura over their portrait, giving you a stinky emote that is not earned or in the spirit of good sportsmanship. I would go a step further and say take the golden aura off their portrait if they click on it.

    Imagine a day when you don't see the golden aura or a "well played" when a genius arena mage pulls their 5th fireball from the very stable genius card called "primordial glyph". That actually sounds fantastic. Just one more note: This game is not like "poker". You can bluff in poker. You can mitigate RNG in poker. There is no hardly any mitigation of RNG in this game at this point. It just comes down to broken 1 turn plays and broken discover mechanics.
  • 06/19/2018 05:45 PMPosted by MoarRNGplz
    blizzard isn't responding

    Blizzard isn't responding because we have. Many, many times previously. Creating more threads on the topic doesn't change any answers.

    Team 5 is aware of the feedback provided by some over squelching options. As stated, when/if there are updates on the matter, information will be provided. Until that time, the current stance remains.

    Thank you.