IOS app keeps crashing

  • Hi,

    I was playing my second match on an arena ticket, and on turn 4 I kept getting disconnected. I tried reconnecting twice, but each time, while the system said it was reconnecting to my match, it would crash. This is the second time that I have experienced this in this week.

    system: ios, iphonex
    hearthstone version: 11.2.24763
  • Heya everybody,

    Thanks so much for reaching out and letting us know about this. Because of the reports of players here and on our bug report forums we've identified some issues on the iOS client. It needs a client patch to fix, so keep an eye out for the next patch update. Currently the patch does not have a confirmed release date, but if that changes I will let you know. If it's still having problems after this update please let us know in this thread so that we can investigate it further.

    We aren't able to refund any losses due to this issue, as there's no way to guarantee that this is the source of your crash. If you've been having these crashes, we recommend avoiding arena / ranked play until they are fixed.