Rigged trashgame

  • Invest money, get 3-4 good games and get a losingstreak to buy more packs. gg blizzard, EA level BS. same sh*t every time. Playing recruit hunter, getting combo off the first 2-3 games and then never drawing play dead or one of the deathrattles for 10+ games and get matched against the worst matchup all the time with opponents curving hard every game. blizzard is a fraud.
  • While I usually remove these threads (for the countless reasons mentioned in the past) I’m just locking this one and leaving it up. I feel some of the explanations given in response to the incorrect claims of “rigging” do a great job and should remain visible. Especially some of the comments in regards to “the patent” that seems to be brought up regularly in these posts.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed in a positive manner. Regardless of what side of the conversation you stand on, it’s nice to see civil talks being had.