how do you cope with bad RNG?

  • how do you guys cope with bad RNG spells in this game.

    i think i've just lost 5-6 games in a row, and i'm getting really irritated now. especially as in my last game i had cast a brawl in fatigue that had a 80% chance of winning me the game, of course his biggest minion was the on to survive.

    and before that the priest i vsed made me kill ysera 4 times before losing due to incredible rng, and if i recall his ysera did survive one of my brawls that game.
  • 10/17/2017 12:10 PMPosted by masicham
    I call Blizzard and tell them to give me good RNG next game that way, I know my RNG will balance out.

    Yeah - saw we had a missed call from you. Sorry about that. Making the adjustments now.

    05/17/2018 09:42 AMPosted by Clutch
    i take breaks in ranked
    ill play till i go on a losing trend, as soon as i get close to losing a rank ill leave and go grind casual, go refine my deck, play a different deck or ill just sign off all together and go do something else.

    Same as Clutch for me. Taking a step back has always help me to come back in with a clear mind and ready to go.