waste of a nerf

  • i appreciate that most of these recent nerfs seem minor, and affect cards used in a few of the most popular decks in the meta.

    the only exception however, is crystal core. seriously, what was the thought process about this nerf? quest rogue hasn't been played competitively since the nerf that made it take 5 minions, who cares what size the minions are? making them 4/4s now will only cause the card to never be played again.

    you could have made death knight gul'dan resurrect demons you have CAST or ones that were killed, or made skull of the man'ari lose durability...you could have targeted a number of other cards that actually matter to the wild meta but why bother with this old, already unplayable card?

    p.s. - the naga sea with nerf was a way to make that card unplayable. not sure why, as it really wasn't ruining wild so far, but oh well.
  • Quest Rogue is very competitive right now, both in tournaments and on the ladder. I was just looking at a meta report today that had it at the third highest win rate among players rank 5 and above. We've been doing a lot of playtesting with Quest Rogue at 4/4 and I still expect it to be favored vs some control decks, just not all of them.