Either I haven't found the class that suits me or

  • I just really don't care for actually playing this game.

    I love watching this game, and I have been watching this game for some time now, but actually playing this game just seems really unfun and monotonous.

    Maybe it's because I'm playing Warlock and just don't like Warlock I don't know. I won't lie, I feel like I would really love playing a Druid deck but it seems like a lot of investment to make a decent deck or is there a way I can play Budget Taunt Druid or something? :)
  • 05/16/2018 09:49 AMPosted by Bootytime
    There's also the philosophy of do what you must to achieve what you want in Hearthstone.
    My first go with this game 3 years ago I found I liked to play a very very expensive wallet warrior control deck. It took a long time to build that deck and I had to build mediocre decks for other classes to get quests done to finance that deck piece by piece.
    Today. My warrior library is in shambles. Everything has either rotated out or been sent to hall of fame.
    The same principle still applies though. I'd like to get that deck back, today's version. But I understand to build that bottom blocks have to be the other classes to get me there.

    Before giving this game up. Make a serious run at all the classes. Make them all able to get daily quests done. Whatever class sticks out, shoot for a really expensive deck in that class and make that your long term goal.

    This was a great post. Awesome contribution.

    Is there a specific play style you prefer Bubbles?