Matchmaking question. Please help.

  • Been reading many opinions about this. Anyone knows the truth?
    Question is: How do your cards / chosen class affect matchmaking?

    Background story:

    During the last 7 days, I played custom control decks in ranked (Hunter and Priest) and got around 50%ish winrate. My matchups were at least 80% Cubelock or Aggropally. (Ranked between 8 and 10)

    My Priest deck already contained lots of anti aggro + 2x silence + 1 mindcontrol +1 Psychic Scream against Cube. Tilted with meta, I adapted and added +2 wild pyromancer, +1 shadow visions.

    Immediately after, I encountered

    1) Spiteful Druid
    2) Quest Rogue
    3) Tempo Mage
    4) Quest Rogue
    5) Custom Rush Warrior

    ... and now to be fair:

    6) Even Pala
    7) Even Pala
    8) Cubelock
    9) Murloc Pala

    Keeping it updated.

    ... Is it really just bad luck? I don't think so...
  • Just variance. Matchmaking is based on your rank and that's all.
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    05/05/2018 03:09 PMPosted by August Dean Ayala
    Just variance. Matchmaking is based on your rank and that's all.

    Dean if your confidant in that statement then explain these pictures of last months ladder experience in which I did end up playing against a few legend players around rank 5 and up.

    Keep in mind his comment is basically that the system only works around rank and no other variance. Just saying.

    The OP specifically called out ranks 8-10 where that matchmaker only cares about your current rank. Legend works slightly differently. Some of you have already linked this post, but I'll do it again in case you want to know more about casual or Legend level matchmaking.