Effigy+molten giant bug.

  • In a dungeon run my molten giant getting destroyed by an enemy crushing hand triggered my effigy secret. The secret resolved and disappeared from my hero portrait but no minion was summoned.
    I was expecting another molten giant as it is the only minion with a cost of 20. I don't believe this is a misunderstanding of what effigy does since no 0 drop was summoned either (what the giant would have cost after cost reduction).
    I was playing warlock, the secret was from mysterious tome and the giant was affected by summoning scepter's cost reduction as well as it's own.
    I suspect either a bad interaction with the scepter or a problem with the recent change in cost of molten giant.
    screenshot: https://my.mixtape.moe/lcphqb.png
  • Investigating. Thanks for the report! :)
  • We are aware of this issue. Thanks for the additional report!