Witchwood free Legendary

  • I didnt get a free legendary, when i logged in. I didnt mind about that and started to open all my 120packs and got Splintergraft. Later today i logged in again and got my free legendary (Splintergraft). Thats wired, because you cant habe more than one of the same legendary. Now of the legendaries is gone. Where is my free legendary?
  • Responding to this took me a bit because, as referenced elsewhere, I do not have access to player account information. After working with the customer support department, every single account in this thread that we looked up received their free legendary. It's possible that the pop-up message to inform you of this did not appear, but everyone did receive the card.

    Granted, we were not able to look up every single account that posted in this thread, so if you would like to be certain, you can submit a ticket to customer support and they can check your card history and let you know which one you obtained for logging in.