Can't move the minion

  • Sometimes when I play minion it kind of stops integrating with the game...
    Here is a record:

    It happens from time to time with different minions.
    I can't attack by it, can't target it, but it still takes one place on board and can take damage. I'm not sure if opponent can target it.
    In this record Historian blocked herself immediately after playing it, there is no way that she could die, it was start of the game. Does anyone had same situation?

    I think it started happening from Witchwood releasing.
  • There is a known issue with this happening with Charge/Rush minions if you try to attack with them too quickly before their summoning animation finishes. I have never seen this on a non-Charge/Rush minion before though, so that's super weird.

    When this does happen, if you restart the game and reconnect, your minions should be able to attack as normal again.