Did not get Arena rewards?

  • There is something that has been causing a lot of confusion, and thus a ton of bug reports, and it's this...

    When an Arena run is forced to retire due to special limited time events (like Wildfest, or the Blizzcon special arena cards), the rewards are put directly into your collection when the run is retired. The opening of the chest is a purely visual thing.

    So, if you come back 2 weeks later, and click the key to "open" your rewards, it looks to you like you didn't get anything. In reality, the rewards shown were granted you already.

    This is especially confusing when it comes to the card packs that are awarded. On your end, you see yourself getting 1 Kobolds pack, but you have no packs to open. This is because the cards from that pack you earned were put directly into your collection as well.

    tldr; You did get your rewards, they were just put directly into your collection before you clicked the key.
  • 04/13/2018 04:45 PMPosted by Kresnic
    But It would be easier for the players to receive the prizes for a retired arena, when you open the Chest. Otherwise It makes no sense and confuse players.
    Not disagreeing with you, and not saying it won't change later. Just intended to be informational to let everyone know that they did receive their rewards.