Blizz deleting anti-arena posts

  • I had a very nicely listed, thought out post about why arena is so damn got 404'd one minute after the post. So im just gonna say this. You guys killed arena. Its awful, its not fun its like constructed but worse..didnt think that was possible. Been a fan of hearth arena since beta..and now you can't even take criticism, you just delete posts? I mean its obvious nobody likes it from streamers to every post on the forum. Good luck. Im done with the game for a bit. I feel like sh*t everytime i finish a game, win or lose. Later blizz. Ill check back in a month since it seems as though you dont give a crap about arena at this point.
  • 04/11/2018 11:53 PMPosted by VonDoom
    oh ya i did edit it..damn okay. that sucks

    Sorry about that VonDoom.

    I looked at your history just to double check and make sure it wasn't deleted or anything and to get it restored for you. It does appear it was eaten :/