What Witchwood legendaries are you guys crafting on release?

  • The first week of rotation and the introduction of a new expansion is very fun with a lot of experimental decks being played (It feels like what Hearthstone should always be).

    I am wondering what you guys are going to craft on release to experiment (if you don't get the legendary from packs).

    I will be crafting Baku and build a Odd Paladin deck (I just feel it has potential because that upgraded hero power was great before)

    I might be considering Prince Liam, but he is sure to be meme tier so I am not sure.
  • Even internally people have so many different responses to this question. For me personally I think I'm most excited for Baku and Glinda. Baku because the card enables a lot of weird deckbuilding I was excited about in playtesting and Glinda because of she creates a lot of interesting situations you don't normally consider. Kobold Librarian is a powerful card, but do you really want to play 6 of them in a turn?