Can I still get Nemsy?

  • I seriously want this character
    But didnt know how and now its been some months since the event happened

    Can I still get this Nemsy?
    Can anyone help me with instruction via link or something if I still can
    Thanks a lot.
  • You can indeed!

    Just visit a Fireside Gathering that has an established Tavern and participate :)
  • 03/28/2018 10:16 AMPosted by Dannomite
    Unless you live in a decent sized city, you're going to have a hard time finding a fireside gathering.

    100% incorrect.
  • 12/08/2018 12:53 AMPosted by Carlieth
    I have yet to see a fireside gathering

    There were 15 Fireside Gatherings in Sweden within the past week.
    Five of which had Nemsy available.

    The weekend prior, there were 8. One of which was a Pre-Relase event in Malmö.

    If you happen to check and do not see any close to you, make sure to check back. Organizers can put them up at any time and the lists are always being updated.

    You could also host your own. Once your tavern is established, you'll be able to unlock Nemsy at any time.
  • My apologizes Carlieth. How it was worded as "this like many others are impossible to get" seem to imply that you were including Nemsy in that list of "impossible". Sorry for the confusion. I removed the quote regardless to avoid any other misinterpretation.

    Also, there are plans to make Tyrande available again. We just do not have the time or that method available to share yet.