I swear I must be the unluckiest player

  • Finally got around ot trying to grind out against the lich king so I can get the arthas skin

    Always turn 1 glacial shard
    ALWAYS obliterate when I finally buff a murloc to size
    ALWAYS turn 5 belcher
    ALWAYS TURN 6 blizzard

    What a !@#$ show. But I finally got arthas after 4 and a half hours. Most frustrating experience of my life. I did get priest on first try with combo though, even though inner fire was the 3rd to last card, crazy.
  • 03/09/2018 03:37 PMPosted by Zerfinity
    At least you can beat the Lich King, I don't get anywhere. I've tried a Priest deck with the Inner Fire + Divine Spirit + Gubablablabla Berserker combo, but he always finds a counter to it. Also, unfortunately I only have 1 Doomsayer to counter phase 2, but even then, if I draw 10+ cards before that phase happens, I should be able to draw it once every 3 games, rather than the once in every 9 games I get.


    Some ideas you can try to work with :)