Paladin Deck evaluation!

  • Hello! I started playing Hearthstone a year ago and have recently gotten back into the game. I got a bunch of free packs for being away so long, so I built a weenie deck. Other than adding the legendary Sunkeeper Tarim once I have enough essence; I can't think of any changes to make my deck better. So far in ranked I have only had trouble with hunters. Should I change anything about my deck?

    2*Lost in the Jungle
    2*Righteous Protector
    2*Worgen Infiltrator
    2*Drygulch Jailor
    2*Knife Juggler
    2*Benevolent Djinn
    1*Divine Favor
    2*Stoneskin Basilisk
    1*Unidentified Maul
    1*Call to Arms
    2*Lightfused Stegodon
    2*Sen'jin Shieldmasta
    2*Truesilver Champion
    1*Carniverous Cube
    1*Avenging Wrath
    1*Crystal Lion
    1*Uther of the Ebon Blade

    Tell me what you think!
  • I think your deck is great, but here are some suggestions anyway because I've been playing a lot of 'dude paladin' lately.

    Some of the potentially weaker cards in your deck:
    Avenging Wrath

    Some possible additions:
    Rallying Blade
    Argent Squire
    Steward of Darkshire (Cool Synergy with your deck!)
    Blessing of Kings